Yokohama is a leading tourism and leisure destination of Japan. Known for its exotic ambience, with an amalgamation of the historic and the contemporary, this photogenic city attracts people of all interests. The most visited area is Minato Mirai, which is a landmark and forms the skyline of Yokohama. It is host to several high rises such as the Landmark Tower which is the second tallest building of Japan. Some famous places visible from the Landmark Tower are: The very famous Mt. Fuji is visible from the observatory on the 69th floor The triplet buildings of Queens square, A convention complex, Pacifico Yokohama including a sail shaped hotel, Intercontinental Yokohama Grand.

Other places you should visit are the Hot Spring Facility-Minato Manyo club, the Cup-Noodles Museum-Cosmo World, an amusement park. The Red brick warehouses, which are now converted into an artsy shopping centre and restaurants, lend an off-beat vibe of a bygone era.

The international cruise terminal Osanbashi Pier with a unique shape of the terminal building and Yamashita seaside-park symbolizes the Port of Yokohama where you can enjoy a beautiful water-front views. The NYK Hikawa-maru, is anchored and preserved there. It used to be a passenger cum cargo ship plying between Japan and west coast of North America, and at present is a historical museum-ship with art deco interiors. The Yokohama Doll Museum, also close by, has the largest collection of over 1300 dolls from Japan and other countries. Visit the vibrant and pulsating Chinatown, and enjoy the cuisine of its many restaurants and food stands, souvenir shops and cultural activities. The Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is an aqua land and amusement park with a vast aquarium, shops, restaurants etc.

Tourism in Yokohama

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