Yokohama is truly an i nternational city with a long history of welcoming foreign visitors and businessmen. It enjoys pre-eminent status as a leading international trade port in Japan and has a strong business environment that gathers businesses of various sizes. Be it industries of world class enterprises or small-medium sized companies with advanced technologies, we have it all! Covering the East of the city and continuing North along the Tokyo Bay, Yokohama’s industrial belt has an amalgamation of manufacturing companies such as electrical equipment, machinery and automobiles and is well known worldwide. The city also has a strong economic base in the shipping, logistics, information communication technology, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries. It has the highest concentration of biotech companies and R&D facilities in the whole of Japan. Because of its proximity to Tokyo, various economic and trade activities between the two cities are interlinked.

Here’s why Yokohama is the ideal business destination. Great financial support from the local government by way of subsidy programs Lower office rentals compared to Tokyo despite proximity to the capital Easy commute to most cities in across Japan via bullet trains and airplanes Easy availability of highly skilled human resources Matchless corporate neighbours


The City of Yokohama has been developing the Yokohama Science Frontier and has established “Yokohama Joint Research Centre”, “Leading Venture Plaza” and “Yokohama Bio Industry Centre (YBIC) as an effort to develop and integrate bio-related industries. New Cooperation and new business opportunities are expected to benefit companies. Also the famous world-class RIKEN Yokohama Institute is located in the Yokohama Science Frontier.

There is a concentration of IT companies near Shin-Yokohama. To take advantage of this cluster, lo cal companies hold regular meetings to mainly update information. This helps to promote urban development and create a new business network.