When planning to travel, the main concern for tourists is Food. Especially for Indians, where most of the population is Vegetarian, we want them to visit Japan and have a hassle-free experience. And Undoubtedly, there are many Indian restaurants in Japan. That's why we have curated a list of various Indian restaurants with the main focus on Indian tourists. Most of the restaurants have English speaking staff and Vegan/Vegetarian menus to choose from. The guidebook offers a detailed list of the best Indian restaurants in Yokohama which we have personally tasted and thus recommended.



The City of Yokohama: Mumbai Representative Office has been established to strengthen the ties between Yokohama and India including Mumbai, one of Yokohama’s sister cities. The main aim is to attract Indian businesses & companies to Yokohama and function as a communication channel & a support centre for them. This would lead to promotion of trade, business and economic exchange between Yokohama and India. An added incentive for these companies is the Financial support they will obtain from the Yokohama City Government. In addition, the Mumbai Representative Office assists local companies in Yokohama to establish business with Indian companies, by researching and providing information on Indian market and industries. conducts and co-ordinates business missions to Yokohama. These are tailored to specific business interests and include tours of business facilities, project sites and government offices. explores the possibility of international technical co-operation with Indian cities including Mumbai in the field of infrastructure building. attracts Indian tourism to Yokohama by increasing awareness about Yokohama city and participating in travel fairs and exhibitions.


- Attracting Indian investment and businesses to Yokohama.

- Assisting local companies in Yokohama to establish business with Indian companies and growing in the Indian market.

- Promoting Sister City Relations with Mumbai.

- Attracting Indian tourism to Yokohama

- Promoting exchange in various fields with Indian cities

- Exploring the possibility of international technical co-operation with India

The 50th anniversary of the Sister City agreement in the year 2015, laid the foundational stone of the Mumbai Representative Office. The Office opening ceremony and Economic Seminar was held on 19th November 2015 at the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers Mumbai, and was inaugurated by the Honourable Mayor of Mumbai and the Chairman of Yokohama City Council. It was attended by the City Council members, Deputy Mayor & officials from the City of Yokohama, Economic Delegates from Yokohama and businesspersons from both - Japan and Indian companies.

On November 12, 2019, the Yokohama Mumbai Office independently hosted the event "Yokohama Festival 2019" at the Marriott Hotel in Mumbai, to promote Yokohama to Indian people. Business seminars, tourism seminars, workshops, etc. were held all day, and more than 100 people participated in the event. Please Refer to the link below for details.



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My name is Kazushi Matsushima, Director of the Yokohama City Mumbai Representative Office. I have been transferred to Mumbai from Yokohama City, Japan as of June 2019.Our office is an overseas branch of the Japanese local government. Yokohama City Mumbai Representative Office was established in November 2015 to deepen ties between Yokohama City and India including Mumbai, which is one of Yokohama’s sister cities.

Yokohama is a beautiful port city located approximately 30km south of Tokyo which is the capital of Japan and the most populous city in Japan. Yokohama is a prosperous city, and is close to both town and nature. It has established for itself a brand image of being a stylish city of Japan, which is why all of Japan knows about Yokohama city.

Yokohama is home to the mountains, the sea and big parks. Moreover, Yokohama has a lot of commercial facilities and famous sightseeing spots, luxury hotels and various good multi-cuisine restaurants.

In Yokohama,

  • You can see and enjoy beautiful cherry blossom trees in the Spring,
  • You can view and enjoy impressive fireworks in the Summer,
  • You can see and appreciate how the leaves change colour in the Autumn,
  • You can see and experience the various Christmas lights in the Winter.

You can experience various things like this only in Yokohama City! Once you have visited Yokohama, you would want to visit it again and again.

Our office is in charge of connecting India and Yokohama. I wish to have as many Indians as possible to take notice of how great Yokohama is, and visit the city. If you would like to know more about The City of Yokohama, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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